Building a Procedural Bookcase Using Bifrost

Trevor Coates walks through his Bifrost setup for creating a bookshelf procedurally, covering two different methods.

This new walkthrough from 3D Generalist Trevor Coates shows his thinking behind creating a procedural bookcase with Maya Bifrost. The demonstration shows two methods; one uses a face tags system in Bifrost using Roland Reyer’s Procedural Polygon Generation Bifrost compounds.

The wrap-up includes an overview of how the bookcase is implemented in an all-Bifrost scene.

“The PPG compounds for Bifrost use named face tags subdividing simple geometry creating new faces as a basis for procedurally creating buildings through extrusions or by instancing geometry to those faces. The PPG compounds simplify this process, making it a very powerful addition to the Bifrost toolset,” Coates mentions.

In this tutorial, the rules aren’t so much bent but applied to a piece of furniture instead of a building.