Learn the Difference Between Mirror Symmetry and Instance Pattern Paste in Marvelous Designer

Reza Sarkamari explains the difference between Paste, Mirror Paste, Symmetry Paste, and Instance Pattern Paste tools inside Marvelous Designer.

This new tutorial from Reza Sarkamari covers some of the uses for Paste, Mirror Paste, Symmetry Paste, and, Instance Pattern Paste when working in Marvelous Designer. As part of his Marvelous Designer introduction series for new users, Reza tries to clarify what each paste function does.

It might appear that some tools will produce similar results, so why do you need so many that seem to do the same thing? All four of the tools are helpful when applied for the right thing.

About Reza Sarkamari.

Reza Sarkamari has nearly two decades in the industry and is a Maya Certified Professional, a Nuke Certified Trainer, and an Adobe Certified Specialist.