Working With the Painter 3D Path Tool Presets

Check out some of the presets with the new 3D Path Tool in the latest Substance 3D Painter.

The latest version of Adobe Substance 3D Painter got a new 3D Paths tool that lets users place brush strokes on Bezier Curves in a new non-destructive workflow, and it’s a fabulous new addition.

The 3D Paths in Painter work on Paint Layers and allows users to paint with editable curves and will enable you to dynamically change the brush properties even after you make a stroke.

Painter also comes with some new 3D Path Tool presets for things like welding marks, zippers, wrinkles, stitching, and more – totaling six new presets.

To use these tools and this feature, you must use Substance 3D Painter version 9.0.0 or above.