Working With VEX, VOPs Clamp, and Fit Functions in Houdini

Inside the Mind covers working with Clamp and Fit functions for remapping and setting a range of values in Houdini.

Inside The Mind walks us through using the Clamp and Fit functions in VEX and VOPs in Houdini 20. The video covers using the clamp and five fit functions in Houdini.

The clamp function restricts the values to a specified range. For example, clamping a position value from 5 to 1 will ensure that the position stays between 1 and 5.

The fit functions can scale or map a range of values to another range of values.

There are five different fit functions: fit, fit01, fit10, fit11, and e-fit. All fit functions except the e-fit function will clamp the values within the specified range.