This is the third and final part to Shane Benson’s tutorial for building the lighting in Cinema 4d of a space scene. Shane took an interesting approach to this lighting tutorial, breaking it in three parts which covered modeling and surfaces as well, and when you think about that, it makes sense. The model will catch the light in a certain way that will be unique to the scene, and the materials play a huge role in how the lighting for the scene works, especially if you are NOT keeping “physical” render properties throughout your scene.


3rd and last part. This one deals with indirect lighting, more specifically primary bounce light.Shane Benson

Here, Shane shows how to expand the basic lighting setup created in the previous post, by setting up indirect and bounce lighting to create a more realistic look. As always, Shane has some great tips as he presents his material. take a look at the entire series, Creating and lighting a space scene in cinema 4d, if you have missed the previous tutorials.