Cinema 4D Gets On-Demand Geometry Caching With emReader

If you are not familiar with Eric Mootz’ work, he has been kicking ass with a hand in creating some of the most iconic CG commercial work, as well as developing and selling the tools that were used in their workflow. Eric originally started creating tools for Softimage with emPolygonizer, emNetwton, emFlock, emFluid, and a slew of others.

One of Eric’s tools emReader has assisted him as being a good “base point” to delve into bringing the tools over to other applications, and we have seen this recently with some of Eric’s tools coming over to Modo, Autodesk Maya, and now Cinema 4D as well. This is actually great news as typically, it is likely that other Mootzoid plugins will follow.

The geometry cache files are only referenced (instead of imported) and directly passed to the 3D application or the renderer when neededfrom Mootzoid's emReader Description

emReader serves as a plugin that can load indexed geometry cache files into applications, having them internally as references. This means that they are passed over to the host 3D application or its renderer only when they are needed. This can save on a lot of computer resources, especially for large scenes and heavy files.

emReader is being offered for 59 Euros or roughly $80.00. All of Mootzoid’s plugins are very well documented, with plenty of examples and demo scenes files to get you started.

Some Features of emReader include:

  • Quick loading and rendering of indexed geometry cache files without the need to import them.
  • Supported file formats:
  • Animatable file index (e.g. to make timewarps or reverse the sequence).
  • Loads motion vectors (scalable), normal vectors and texture coordinates, if available.
  • Post-load effects:
    • Fix double edges.
    • Fix non-manifold edges.
    • Close holes.
    • Push.
    • Smooth.
    • Thickness.
    • Triangulation.
    • Quadrangulation.

To learn more about emReader’s capability and usage, be sure to check out the page for emReader for Cinema 4D, Modo, and Maya.

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