The C4D Zone posts a new tool for Cinema 4D that will allow you to measure and create dimensions in the viewport and in renders. If you are familiar to measure tools in other 3D applications, this is quite similar, although far superior.


Dimensioning in Cinema 4D


You have complete control over the dimensioning and how it will display. You can change the dimensioning position and line appearance, adding a solid or dashed line type.

There is a ton of control in this tool to create dimensioning that works best for all your projects. You can create dimensioning conversions, change the font style, add arrow heads and change the arrow type and look.

There are plenty of ways to dislay the numeric measurement as well offering custom conversions, and decimal approximations.

Measure It is a Cinema 4D plugin that measures the distance between two objects and renders it

Measure It has an integrated point tracking feature, that automatically moves the Measure It object dimensioning lines and measurements based on the object. You can move the objects further or closer to each other and the Measure It object will automatically update. Similarly, you can move a component of that object and the Measure It object will update as well.

The dimensioning tool is built for all the needs of technical designers who would want to show off dimensions in their renders, but is really simple to use and modify. The plugin comes with a “wizard” that will help you setup the dimensions and track the two desired points of your scene.

Pricing and Availability

Measure It dimensioning tool for Cinema4D will work with C4D releases R13, R14 and R15 and require Snow Leopard or greater on OSX and Windows 7 32/64 bit or greater. Measure It can be purchased for roughly $20.00 over at the C4DZone store.