Quba Michalski posts an in depth look at how to create the effect of rain hitting and dripping on a glass window. Creating rain on a window certainly seems like a simple task. A particle generator of your choice can handle the rain simulation easily, and there are some native tools in Ae that can handle the refractive look of the water against the background.

In this massive, 3-chapter tutorial you will learn how to create an After Effects scene with a realistic rain dripping down a window

The thing is, that creating rain on a window is not an easy task -The subtlety of the details that are needed to sell the sequence is pretty high.

Quba breaks down this massive tutorial into three parts, where part one focuses on preparing the background plate to use for the view that is outside the window. The second part deals with the particle simulation to create the rain, using Trapcode’s Particular of course.

Finally the third part will look at post effects and compositing, marrying the background footage with the particle effects to create a highly realistic rain on a window scene, completely generated in After Effects.

Visit QubaHQ for the complete tutorial that shows how to create highly realistic rain on a window in After Effects here.




More Resources for Creating Rain On a Window

The amount of material that is available shows how digressive the topic is. There are more than a few tutorial that feature creating rain on a window, each with their own techniques, but are all based on the general theme of using particles and visual displacements.

Previously we have had a realistic look at creating rain on a window in Blender with the post, Creating and Rendering Rain on a Glass Window in Blender and Creating Raindrops on Glass in Blender using Metaballs

HitFilm has a unique approach to creating rain on glass, featured in an all-in-one plugin, which is also available for after effects, Using Particles To Create Raindrops on Glass.

There is also a previous tutorial for creating rain on a window in After Effects with the post Creating a Running Raindrop animation using After Effects & Trapcode Particular.

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