Scaling Xgen Spheres in Maya Uniformly With Expressions

Lee Griggs has taken us through some great techniques using Xgen, Maya’s Arbitrary Primitive Generator. Here Lee has a look at taking a bit of control over the primitives using simple Expressions in Maya.

In this short tutorial you will learn how to randomly scale the size of Sphere Primitives uniformly using ExpressionsLee Griggs

Lee shows how to cover a surface with simple 3D spheres, and then shows how you are able to control the appearance of the spheres by using some simple expressions. Xgen makes for a great tool for scattering objects on surfaces like this. Xgen also has the ability to place primitives according to maps, expressions, or random values. Check out the tutorial for Scaling Spheres Uniformly Using Expressions here.

Check out Lee’s other Xgen tutorials for some great examples with the post Controlling Maya’s XGen Primitives with a Texture Map, and Using Maya’s XGen to Create and Style Hair