various methods for modelling an intestinal environment- specifically the intestinal villi

Biomedical Visualization Artist Erin L. Kenzie demonstrates two methods for modeling an intestinal environment in Autodesk Maya. One method is fairly straight forward and uses simple polygon molding and a randomize polygon placement script called polyRandomizer.

The second method Erin shows how to use Maya’s native paint effects to create the many intestinal villi needed for the visualization. Erin also discusses both the benefits and drawbacks between the two methods.

Erin mentioned a pretty great site that houses Biomedical visualization resources using Maya, both modeling and animations check out – Molecular Movies if you have not before. Molecular Movies is also the repository for the mMaya toolkit, which is the molecular Maya toolkit that will allow you to import, build and animate molecular structures. The mMaya project is still in Beta, free, and has been for a while. You can check it out here. Molecular Maya Toolkit