Easily Replace Objects Part of Complex Hierarchies in C4D

MagicReplace is a freebee offered by Nitr04D, which will allow you to easily replace objects in C4D and keep its animation and  place in hierarchy.

replace any object in cinema4d with out changing animation and Hierarchy

If you have even been working on a project and wanted to swap out one or more objects for some others, you know that can be a time consuming task.

Especially if you have animation applied to the objects, and they live on a mess of a hierarchal structure.


As a workflow tool, MagicReplace makes short work of replacing selected objects in Cinema 4D.

Simply select the object or multiple objects, choose a source for the replace, and hit the replace button. There is also a check box to keep the animation in tact after the replace.


MagicReplace is pretty ubiquitous working under both macintosh and windows platforms, with Cinema 4D studio R12 – R15. Check out and download the freebee MagicReplace for Cinema 4d here.