Autodesk has made the 2015 version of Maya’s Bonus Tools available for download, with a new installer and some new features.

Maya Bonus Tools 2015 now highlight what is new through the same driven feature highlight that Maya uses.

Maya Bonus Tools 2015

Click Drag Move and Click Rotate sees some new features allowing you to interactively drag or rotate in the viewport. Both of the tools now include an associated hotkey for quick access.

New Snaps

Maya Bonus Tools 2015 adds a new tool called Snap Align Object to Component, which will snap an object to another object’s component level selection. The tool also has a handy option to constrain the object against the snapped component.

Similar to the snap align object to component, is the new replicate object on component tool. Selecting multiple components will place the object to the selection. Replicate object on component can also instance the replicated shapes rather than standard replication.

Easy Pivoting

There are a new suite of pivot tools called Zero Pivot tools, which all work in a slightly different way. With Zero Pivot, you can easily snap the pivot of an object to its base, making it super easy to place things on the zero grid. The picot tools can maintain the pivot offset. This means that you can freeze the object’s values, while leaving the pivot to world values.

New Interactive HUD Displays

Maya Bonus Tools 2015 have a series of new display options, with a new HUD leading the way, offering all kinds of new information about the scene and providing in-display controls and sliders.

There are some handy modeling tools as well, including Bevel Around Faces, which will bevel the outline of your selection rather than including its contents.


Bonus Tools for 2015 are availabe through the Area’s Resource page here. Maya Bonus Tools 2015