Mask Off Viewport Renders with SafeFrame Plugin for Cinema 4D

Specific, tiny, but extremely useful SafeFrame plugin for Cinema 4D created by Niklas Rosenstein Will allow you to create safe frame masks for renders right in the C4D viewport. If you render from the C4D viewport, you know that it negates any frame safe region that is set for production renders, which can be confusing by showing you parts of your scene that you might not have to worry about, as it is not even in frame.


SafeFrame takes care of this issue by providing a simple settings panel that will allow you to mask off parts of you Viewport render.

SafeFrame plugin for Cinema 4D Availability

SafeFrame Plugin for Cinema 4D is available for the low price of roughly $7.oo and is available for Windows x86 & x64 for R13 and newer Mac OS for R14 and newer systems. Check out SafeFrame plugin for Cinema 4D for more information.