If You Create a Lot of Characters, Mr. Eyeball for Maya Can Save You Some Time

Wade Ryer hosts  look at his script Maya, Mr. Eyeball. The script is built to easily create eye geometry for your character or creature. If you build a lot of characters, you might have an eye library that you draw from each time. But why not have a tool that can generate eye geometry with customizable colors, pull and iris size, cornea bulge and pupil depth?

Mr. Eyeball will allow you to easily build polygon or NURBS eyes that can be mirrored to either side of your character.

Mr. Eyeball Python Script for Maya features:

  • Interactive, customizable pupil & iris size
  • Customize colors
  • Customize Cornea bulge
  • Customize pupil depth
  • Create Polygons or Curbs
  • Mirrorable to either side


Mr. Eyeball for Maya can be purchased from Wade’s site for a mere $2.00. If you create a lot of characters, you might find this a useful tool. Check out the Mr. Eyeball python script for Autodesk Maya here.