Non-round eyes are a staple for cartoonish characters, and StretchyEye helps create and rig non-round eyes easily.

Senior 3D Artist Ahmad Merheb knows a thing or two about characters. Recently, Ahmad has posted a Maya tool that will assist in the creation and rigging of character eyes.

A solution for non spherical eyes

Ahmad Merheb’s script is his solution for creating and rigging non-spherical eyes. The tool has grown over the years, and is meant to cover most of the workflows you may use in production.

StretchyEye 1.0

The StretchyEye tool offers dynamic placing, handles the rig for stretching, gives you iris and pupil control to the point where the pupil of the eye will remain round, no matter what the deformation is, on the eye itself.

The Maya script also features one click mirroring, and instant connection with the head rig.

Check out StretchyEye, A solution for non spherical eyes on GumRoad, for more information. StretchyEye costs $25.00.