nEyeMaker for Maya Generates Rigged Procedural Eyes Including Shader Networks

nEyeMaker is a script for Maya that will create a completely procedural eyeball in Maya, fully rigged, providing controls for iris and pupil behaviors from Luca Fiorentini. Luca experimented with getting an accurate representation of correct eye anatomy and refraction on the cornea in Autodesk Maya, and then created the procedrual eye script complete with an easy to use interface as a result.

Eyes are a really important part of the character and it is not always easy to get them looking right

nEyeMaker will create an accurate eyeball rigged for pupil dilation, complete with a shader network that can be baked out for other rendering engines (other than Maya soft or mental ray) or used as is. The nEyeMaker interface has plenty of controls for adjusting, editing or controlling all aspects of the eye. From more information on nEyeMaker for Maya, check Luca’s page for it here.