Mt. Mograph posts a look at creating animated slices using After Effects shape layers. We all know how powerful Shape Layers are in Ae, and here Matt Jylkka puts shape layers to work showing you how to save some time working with them. Matt also shows how stacking effects and using Pre-Comps will allow you to create some organic motion for the final animation.

using Pre-Comps to save time and stacking effects to generate organic motion

Matt uses his Motion 2 script for After Effects in this tutorial (although it is not needed to replicate the results). Motion 2 is an essential part of any motions designer’s toolkit, offering common tools in on easy panel. Motion 2 includes 20 powerful tools, a new smaller interface, and better optimized code which makes it faster. Motion 2 was built to be your “Animation Wingman” as Matt puts it – solely geared to speed up your animation workflow and give you the tools you need for animation all in one place.

Motion 2 can be purchased for $35.00 and comes with a non-expiring lifetime license.