How to Create This Great Looking Map Scroll Animation in Ae

FlowTuts shows how to make a map scroll animation in After Effects with shape layers and a few tricks.

It’s always amazing to see what is possible in After Effects when using shape layers. Vector shapes are an incredibly powerful tool in After Effects. You can create a lot of great-looking animation just by keyframing anchor points around the scene — From making elements to making amazing face turns. In this new tutorial from FlowTuts, we learn how to create a map scroll animation using vector shapes, and a few tricks.

A critical aspect of the tutorial is using Ae’s Create Nulls from Paths. The new(ish) AE tool allows you to control specific anchor points of the artwork with a single easy to keyframe null object. It’s a great way to get more control over how you animate in After Effects and makes a lot of animation workflows much more manageable.