The Making of “Giants” Offers an In-Depth Look at Making a CG Short

The School of Motion have been busy creating a short CG film, “Giants”. The idea was to use the short film to document the creative process from beginning to end.

There are 10 parts that offer an in-depth look at how the CG short film was created. The breakdowns start from a simple idea, creating and animating 3d elements, compositing, and even sound design. That’s 10+ hours of content covering the idea, sketches, animatics, 3D, 2D, and sound.

Interestingly, It’s all free. Anyone can actually download almost every single project file and asset from the project. Be sure to check out Giants: How to Make a Short Film. The tools used for the Giants CG short range from Adobe CC, Cinema 4D, Nuke, trapcode particular, X-Particles, and more, so there is plenty to dig into.