Augenhorn posts a lesson oh how to work and think procedurally in Cinema 4D. Showing a couple of methods for accessing the polygonal faces in a Cloner Object, so you can modify the group with other modules or effects.

With the Correction Deformer you can access Polygons of Parametric Objects

The first method is rather simple. It uses the C4D Correction Deformer. This will let you select the faces of parametric objects, even on things like cloner’s hair, and the like.

In this example, Augenhorn uses the Correction Deformer to make a selection within a Cloner Object, and place hair on those selected faces. Recursively, you can choose to do this again, placing another Correction Deformer and select faces on the hair, and add more hair to that.

The second method shows how you can do virtually the same thing by quickly grouping complex hierarchies, make their Polygons editable without losing the animation and even keeping some procedural features.


More With The Correction Deformer

Digital Sandwich’s Glen Fought does a great overview for the Correction Deformer in C4D, which he calls the most “underrated” of deformers. Check out Understanding and Using the Correction Deformer in Cinema 4D.