How to Use C4D’s Correction Deformer to Fix Rig Issues

Ace5 Studios Shows How to Sculpt Rig Issues Using C4D’s Correction Deformer.

A lot goes into creating character rigs for animation. There are some standard rig features that animators will expect, but it’s nearly impossible to anticipate every situation the rig will encounter. It’s the outlier situations that need a working solution to fix rig issues on the fly. One of those solutions is to use pose space deformations, and in Cinema 4D that is the job of the Correction Deformer.

Ace5 Studio’s Aleksey Voznesenski demonstrates how useful the Correction Deformer is in C4D with a character rig. The deformer lets you sculpt and pose fixes on top of the character without wrecking anything in the rigging.

Another excellent example of this deformer in use is using it to flex muscles automtically. CyBear shows how to flex a bicep muscle using C4D’s correction deformer.