If you are using Arnold in C4D, you may have already guessed that the Arnold TP Group has nothing to do with toilet paper.

Inlifethrill Design’s Dobromir Dyankov has been posting some snippets from his upcoming Arnold Render course. Mastering Arnold Renderer for Cinema 4D looks to be just as extensive as his previous Octane Rendering offering.

Rendering TP Particles is really straight forward, all you need is an Arnold TP Group.

Here, Dobromir shows how you can render Cinema 4D Thinking Particles using the Arnold TP Group. This is another application specific node offered by Solid Angle specifically for Cinema 4D.

You can render thinking particles with Arnold, however, it required that the particles be part of the Arnold TP group first.

As a bonus, the C4DtoA TP Group will allow you to export channels of Thinking Particles as user parameters. You can define channel names separated with spaces, including, velocity, age, mass and any custom channel.