How to Make Plastic, Wood, and Metal in Arnold for C4D

MographPlus shows fundamental approaches for creating realistic plastic, wood, and metal in Arnold.

A new tutorial shows off a fundamentals style workflow for creating realistic materials in Arnold under Cinema 4D. Mograph+ and Kamel Khezri show how you can make natural plastic, wood, and metal materials, forming an understanding of the Arnold Standard Surface Material attributes.

“We learn how to approach creating some of the fundamental shaders including, plastic, parquet or wood, Concrete, and metal in C4DtoA.”

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This tutorial comes as an excerpt from a much larger new course from Mograph+. The Ultimate Introduction to Arnold 6 For Cinema 4D is a massive 700 minutes course, almost 12 hours, in 84 videos. “every single minute is planned and thought for, there is no rambling, you get the top-notch quality.”