New MographPlus Ultimate Introduction to Arnold 6 for C4D

MographPlus releases a new course for C4D Arnold users, packing a ton of info.

MographPlus is known for its excellent training resources around rendering. Now there is a new release for Cinema 4D Arnold users. The Ultimate Introduction to Arnold 6 for C4D packs top-notch quality info into one colossal course.

Ultimate Introduction to Arnold 6 is everything you’d expect from Kamel Khezri, covering sampling, lighting, shaders, cameras, rendering output, etc.

This is the One.

If you want to learn Arnold for Cinema 4d, this is the ideal course to get. “We work really hard on our courses to assure the quality of them,” Khezri says. “you get an academically- orientatedwell-structured course that will take you to the next level of your career as an artist.”

Get the Ultimate Introduction to Arnold 6.

You can get the C4D Arnold 6 course for $69 (streaming only) or $89 for streaming plus download. Visit the page for more information.