Curious Animal Hints at New Populate Plugin for Cinema 4D

Curious Animal Hints at New Populate Plugin for Cinema 4D

Curious Animal, Creators of some great workflow plugins for Cinema 4D, have posted a progress update on a new plugin, Populate. The plugin is designed to help fill your Cinema 4D scenes with random variations of a selected model.

Set up your object once, create endless variations — Extend Mograph to control a wide range of object parameters

The Populate plugin will let you individually randomize any object parameters allowing you to introduce unique clones. Recently added to the plugin is the ability to use a variance effector that allows for micro-control over parameters using effector falloff objects within the scene. Having an effector like this can make it a little less random but it gives you a lot of control over object parameters using falloffs.

Curious Animal suggests writes, “If you’re a fan of the Mograph toolset I think you’ll find Populate and its Variance Effector very handy, as these tools will allow you to independently control a much wider range of object parameters using a similar interface.”

The plugin is still under development, but there is a new page for it, which indicates that it will be released sometime mid-2016.