Mocha Pro 5 Will Add Python Scripting Module, GPU Tracking

Imagineer Systems previewed at the NAB show, some of the newest features that will be available in Mocha Pro 5, its flagship visual effects tool for tracking, rotoscoping and removals. Some great features look to be coming in the release, which include a new plugin option for multiple hosts, GPU accelerated tracking, and an expanded Python API, to name a few.

mocha Pro 5 now includes a Python scripting module with in-application interface

I have always found Mocha Pro to be an amazing tool that I could not live without. It is why I sing its praises over and over again on this site — I am a big fan of any application that is built for work, not play… Industrial strength stuff, and Mocha is certainly that.

Expanding on Python

One thing that speaks to Imagineer System’s dedication to make Mocha Pro 5 a valuable tool for professionals, is and expanded Python API allowing Mocha to not only integrate with facility pipelines, but also script tasks and workflows within the application. This is in sharp contrast to something like After Effects, which choose to use what was meant to be a more “artist friendly” but an oddly out of place JavaScript integration.

A New Plugin Option

The upcoming release for Mocha Pro will be available as a plugin option that will work with multiple hosts. This allows for a much less disjointed workflow, making Mocha Pro 5’s tools accessible in After Effects, Premiere, Resolve, Nuke, and Media Composer. You can see the new plugin option in use below, as Product Manager, Martin Brennan walks through tracking  VR 360 footage in After Effects, along with Mettle Skybox Studio.



Fast Motion Tracking on GPU

Planner tracking can take advantage of your computer’s hardware card by introducing GPU tracking. This will offer faster planar tracking on high resolution source, with tests showing it as being twice as fast as previous versions.



New in mocha Pro 5:

  • New Plug-in Optionmocha Pro 5 will be available as a plug-in option for multiple hosts. This new capability takes all of the unique planar tracking, roto, and remove tools and makes them fully accessible in Avid Media Composer, After Effects CC & Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, and The Foundry Nuke.
  • GPU trackingmocha planar tracking has been updated to take advantage of GPU for fast motion tracking on high resolution sources. Early testing is showing 2x speed improvements.
  • Python: New improvements to Python scripting allow mocha Pro 5 to integrate with asset management systems and background render systems for improved facility integration.
  • Improved online licensing mechanism allows users to easily activate/deactivate a license and run mocha on their computer of choice.
  • New export formats: Includes tracking and masking support for Blackmagic Fusion, Silhouette, and MochaBlend for Maxon Cinema 4D.
  • New pricing:With a starting list price of $695, the mocha Pro 5 plug-in option is the most affordably priced release of mocha Pro to date.