Check Out This Preview of Mocha 2021 Doing Mesh Tracking

Martin Brennand offers a preview into some of the new features in Mocha 2021, including mesh tracking.

Mocha Pro is unquestionably the must-have visual effects tool, especially if you do any work in Adobe After Effects. Mocha is a master at planar tracking, rotoscoping, and creating simple inserts and removals.

It would have some limitations, though, for instance, if you wanted to track a seemingly planar surface that distorted the footage. For example, take someone’s T-shirt while they were moving or face while they were talking.

Recently we’ve all likely seen modern takes on tracking warping surfaces, most notably Lockdown comes to mind. It’s the next logical step and something that the Mocha team also incorporated. Just have a look at this demo showing some of the new features in Moch 2021.

Mesh Tracking of Warping Surfaces.

In this short technology preview of new features in Mocha 2021, Product Manager Martin Brennand shows the ability to track warping and deforming surfaces right in Mocha Pro with Mesh tracking. A unique Mesh Warp motion setting allows you to track things that move at various rates. Martin uses a couple of examples to show off the latest tools.

Mesh Tracking has vast implications. The Mocha team is looking at an undistortion and re-distortion workflow to do stabilized paint, warped inserts, and exports for nulls on each vertex. So far, the preview looks like an exciting addition for Mocha users. Visit our friends at Toolfarm to learn more about Mocha Pro.