Creating Feathers for a Character With Ornatrix Maya

A new look into Ornatrix for Maya’s features shows how you can create features for a character with the hair and fur system’s unique toolset. Here, Marsel Khadiyev, who is founder and CEO of Ephere inc., shows how you can take advantage of Ornatrix’s ability to blend multiple textures and UV sets for creating feathers.

Learn how to create feathers which have surface hue variation based on maps in this tutorial.

He notes that when you are creating feathers, it is important to blend multiple textures and UV sets together. You need to be able to do this to really get the strands looking right. Strands need to be varied along the surface, and yet have their own textures individually. With other systems, this might involve some complicated setup. With Ornatrix for Maya however, makes this process really easy. Watch how you can easily create feathers for a character, having surface hue variation that is based on maps.