Using Slice4D with the Mograph Cloner in C4D

A full-fledged Slice4D product came alone. Graduating from a free and unsupported tool, that was a welcome change. With it, also came examples, documentation and support. Now an update to Slice4d adds a new “Relative” and “Absolute” functionality. Now, a new post a looks into using Slice4D along with the Mograph cloner in Cinema 4D.

Slice4D recently expanded its features to include a new viewport gizmo, making it easier to control the slices in the scene. The gizmo can handle position, scale, and rotation, with real-time updates when changing parameters.

Absolute versus relative mode is really a must-have feature when working with objects in a scene, especially with rotations. It will mean that the slices will either be inline with the rotational values of your object, or with the world space. Both of those can be useful, and now you can control them easily within the gizmo. The absolute and relative modes make it possible to use Slice4D with other modules in C4D, like mograph cloner.