Working With Hair Dynamics in Ornatrix Maya

Ornatrix is Ephere Inc’s complete fur, hair and feather system that is currently making its way over to Autodesk Maya, and is in a beta phase. Every once in a while, Ephere Inc’s Founder and CEO, Marsel Khadiyev offers some tidbits into the inner workings of Ornatrix, and it’s procedural workflow. Here, Marsel shows off Ornatrix’s robust hair dynamics within Maya.

Simulating realistic animation is a very important part of a hair pipeline.

The video covers how you can add hair dynamics for creating realistic animation, and walks through adjusting the parameters to simulate various types of hair and fur. It is interesting to see how Ornatrix handles internal and external forces and collision objects that can make the hair dynamics interact with the rest of the scene.

Ornatrix brings a unique 3ds Max style “operator stack” to creating hair, using a parametric workflow to creating hair and fur.