After Effects-Like Background Rendering Comes to Nuke

If you are familiar with After Effects, there is a script you can use, that allows for background rendering. This not only lets you keep working on the same machine, but it also makes better use out of your computer’s resources.

smartRender is a multi-threaded background rendering tool for Nuke

Now there is a tool that is similar, only for Nuke. smartRender is a script from cragl vfx tools, that can help reduce your Nuke render times. smartRender is a multi-threaded background render tool that can use all your computer’s hardware resources efficiently, speeding up the processing of renders.

The add-on tool works straight out of the box, but if you have some scripting experience, you can edit and customize smartRender’s commands to fit your needs.

smartRender background rendering:

  • multi threaded background rendering for NUKE
  • dramatically speed up your renderings
  • batch render multiple jobs
  • super fast feedback
  • detailed job log information
  • customize render commands to your needs

Just how much faster is smartRender compared to Nuke alone? Have a look at the video below which shows a 1:1 comparison between smartRender and Nuke’s default rendering method.

smartRender is actually the latest addition in a whole line of “smart” tools for high-end professionals using Nuke and Maya. Other cragl vfx tools include smartLib for Nuke, smartShelves, and smartRecents.