SmartCommand: Search and Execute Nuke Commands From One Window

New Nuke Workflow Tool SmartCommand From Cragl VFX Lets You Bundle All Nuke Commands Into a Single Place

SmartCommand is the latest of “smart” tools from Cragl VFX that will bring an instant search and execute command-line to Nuke users. Many an application has brought on a command-line, contextual style access to work, such as Cosmos for Maya and QCmds for Cinema 4D. SmartCommand is similar to those letting you quickly search and execute commands in Nuke.

The Nuke tool lets you create custom lists to store all your most-used commands. You can even share these with other artists. In a pipeline setting, you can change the list root directory so that multiple machines can point to the same location and share a shared pool of lists.

Smarcommand also offers scriptlets, custom python commands that you can create, edit and execute directly in the tool. You can create new ones using the scriptlet Editor, letting you create and edit scriptlets on the fly as you work.

SmartCommand Features:

  • Execute commands from one central location
  • Bundle commands into custom collections
  • Tint and assign hotkeys to commands
  • Execute scriptlets
  • Share custom collections and scriptlets
  • Floating window and dockable window

SmartCommand is only $7, available from aescripts + aeplugins.