New Advanced Mask Editing Tool for Ae Offers Modern Features

If you are frustrated with After Effects UX at times, you are not alone. The twirl-downs, the number of clicks needed to make things happen, and the modal windows all hinder you while you are only trying to get things done — and mask editing.

One area of contention is how masks, paths and shapes work in Ae. How many clicks does it take to edit what you want to edit? Where are the properties for your selection displayed? This is likely why After Effects script creator Taron Poghosyan thought to put the most used mask editing functions in one handy panel.

Advanced Mask Editor offers a panel that shows all the masks set of a selected layer. It also allows you to work with a toolbar. You can set first vertex, change the make mode, feather, opacity and expansion, by using one panel.

The toolkit also offers some more features not seen in Ae, such as mirroring, merging and a slider for curvature. Find out more over at aescripts + aeplugins.