How to Make Fire and Smoke Using Splash for After Effects

Plugin Play demonstrates how to use Splash in After Effects for a one-click approach to creating fire and smoke.

A new After Effects tool from the folks at Plugin Play has a one-click approach to making fire, smoke, liquids, blobs, and trails.

Splash for After Effects creates procedurally generated liquid trails and blobs on layers while providing granular control.

Check out the video to see how it is to create a stylized campfire and smoke animation using Splash.

Splash lets you mimic cell animations, access presets, and create liquid animations in one accessible-to-use panel.

Trails, Splashes, and Other Effects.

A previous tutorial from Plugin Play runs through many techniques to create a series of effects for blobs and splashes. That includes working with expressions and layers to create a “liquid Rig” that is highly customizable. The rig can follow and move objects in any composition.

“We combine effects such as Particle Playground, Fast Box Blur and Slider Controls to work cohesively in an adaptable rig. Results so fluid you might mistake them for hand drawn animation!” Check out that tutorial here.