Animatable’s Penpal 2 for After Effects Closes the Illustrator Gap

Animatable’s Penpal 2 for After Effects reduces over-preparation and awkward hacks when dealing with vector paths and artwork.

It’s no secret that Adobe After Effects has different workflows than other Adobe Products regarding the pen tool and how it works. AE has always lagged way behind Illustrator when it comes to editing paths, and as a result, folks have gotten used to over-preparation and awkward hacks that break their creative flow.

Animatable recently released Panpal 2, designed to bring bezier power and precision inside AE to free up workflows and avoid round-trips to Illustrator.

Penpal 2 offers the ability to:

  • Flip paths horizontally or vertically
  • Break a Bexier path into two separate paths
  • Distribute and align points within a shape
  • Snap-selected points to pixels
  • Simplify Bezier paths with too many points
  • Reverse the direction of points along a path
  • Mirror points around an axis to create perfectly symmetrical shapes
  • Join two separate paths into one
  • Quickly make a broken tangent smooth again

Get Penpal 2 for Adobe After Effects.

Penpal 2 works with After Effects CC2018 and is available at here for $35.