C4D Renamer Pack Easily Renames Materials, Objects

C4D Renamer Pack

Lasse Clausen posts a great workflow script for Cinema 4D users, the C4D Renamer Pack. The tools offer likely the easiest way to rename your materials, objects and tags in C4D.


The latest update to the renamer pack adds a new Renamer dialog that houses most of the options you need. The script also adds an easy accessible menu for remaining tasks. The contextual menu will let you easily rename objects in specific situations.

Do you need to rename an entire parent child chain? Not a problem, you can name all the objects based on the child or the parent, either up or down the chain.

material_renamerOne of the best things about the Renamer Pack, is a new material re-namer. You can rename all your materials based on the objects that they are on. You can reverse that too, and rename all the objects according to the names of the materials. Either way, it’s all just a short click away.

The C4D Renamer Pack is free to download, but Lasse also has a donation button that you should use if you are feeling generous and grateful.

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    how to assign both scripts to one shortcut?

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