Getting Started With Cycles Rendering in Cinema 4D

Interested in Cycles rendering in C4D? It’s no surprise that Cycles for Cinema 4D has been greatly anticipated by the community. Blender’s open source ray-trace based production render engine has been brought to Cinema 4D by Insydium, creators of X-Particles.

a quick intro to Cycles4D, the excellent node based material system and a few simple tips

Cycles rendering draws a lot of excitement from the C4D community because it is an unbiased GPU and CPU renderer, with an interactive rendering component. It is also production driven, meaning that it has the tools you need to get work done.

Well, Cycles4D has finally been released, and can be yours to use. And it is very affordable. Check out Insydium’s page for more information on Cycles4D.

If you want some insights as to how Cycles works within Cinema 4D, you can check out this quick start tutorial presented by Rob Redman. Rob walks through most of the features and offers a few simple tips for getting started.

Rob plans more tutorials that will dive further into materials and advanced settings. Stay tuned for those.