GEOlayers 2 Raises the After Effects Maps Game

Two nearly years ago we were introduced to an After Effects tool for creating and animating maps graphics easily. GEOlayers offered a great way to use the geographical data that is readily available online these days, right in After Effects. Now, GEOlayers 2 takes the After Effects maps game to a new level.

GEOlayers 2

The new version for GEOlayers has been rebuilt from scratch by user requests and ideas. The Ae tool still lets you browse map data directly in After Effects, but now works up to 10 times faster and gives you direct access to geographical features.

Version 2 offers much better control over the animation engine, making it easier to bring After Effects maps to life. Also incorporated are new customizable styles, powerful dynamic labels, routes and a one click setup for 3D landscapes.

Have a look at GEOlayers 2 in action using Mapbox, a popular online mapping platform: