Pastiche 2 Adds Stippling, Color, and Loop Features

Motion Boutique’s Pastiche 2 for Adobe After Effects gets a new update.

Motion Boutique, the creators of one of the first physics engines for After Effects Newton 2, have updated Pastiche, the After Effects tool that assists and automates layer creation and animation. 

Pastiche 2 Stippling.

New to Motion Boutique’s tool is some new distribution methods for working with layers. Stippling has two modes and allows for a more natural distribution of the layered collage.

Apply Color.

A new “Apply color” feature lets you set the color for both fill and outlines of shape layers, depending on the source. You can also apply colors randomly or as a predefined color.

New Animation Styles.

The latest version also adds two new spatial interpolation methods that include Step and elastic. The Step method forces layers to move along the horizontal and vertical axes, while the Elastic way will add elasticity to the animation.

Learn more about Pastiche 2 here.