Maya Collision rig, is a Python script for Maya that builds a matrix based collision system. The script is free to download and very simple to use. Matrix Collision Rig has been around for a while, offered by VFX and Technical Artist (Paul Winex) Paul Giydenko.

Using a matrix-based collision system, allows for an easy way to have elements in your scene come into animated contact with each other. Vehicle wheels contacting the ground, cloth elements, hoses, and other props can all benefit from a collision system of some kind.

Collisions are important in character interactions as well. A character’s feet with the floor. A character’s and with a wall. The idea is that you can easily set up a collision with any objects or parts in a scene, with the click of a button.

Matrix collision rig

Just how easy is it? Watch the short tutorial that Paul has put together showing how you can incorporate Matrix Collisions into a character rig for the feet.

Paul has created some other great tools, including a Multi Script Editor that lets you code for Houdini, Nuke and Maya, and an improved HyperShade editor for Maya.

Visit the repository for Paul’s Collision Matrix Rig tool for Autodesk Maya, for a free download.