How to Use 3D-Coat to Unwrap Your C4D Models

In 3D land, busting out a model is only a small part of what needs to happen for finished work. The best models can be ruined by bad UVs, materials, and lighting. Luckily Cinema 4D has some UV tools, in BodyPaint. However, if you tried to use BodyPaint and found it lacking, you are not the only one. Using it to unwrap your model for UV’s is possible, but is it the best use of your time?

The answer to that might be “no”, if you have seen how easy it is to unwrap your C4D models in 3D-Coat. Known for it’s voxel sculpting and painting capabilities, 3dc is an amazing tool simply for UV’s. 3dc is intuitive, fast, and really, really good.

MotionWorks’ John Dickinson recently switched from BodyPaint to 3D coat for 3D model unwrap. If you want to see how effective 3d cast can be, then have a watch at the short vid that shows how 3D Coat can be used along side Cinema 4D. John shows how you can use a #DC app-link to export and import models between the two applications. He also covers techniques for approaching an unwrap in 3dc, and re-import into C4D.

It might seem overkill to purchase an entire sculpting application just for its UV capabilities. It’s actually not. 3D Coat is quite affordable, and you can get up and running with UV’s in minutes, and it will save you hours.

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  1. Chris

    I love Unfold3D. How do you think it compares to, 3D-coat?

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