Working With Cycles 4D For Motion Design

Blender’s Cycles is a great render engine for all kinds of work, but especially working with motion design in Cinema 4D. Cycles 4D was brought to C4D users by INSYDIUM, who created the bridge between Cinema 4D and the Blender Cycles Render Engine.

The open source render engine offers a node-based material system, both CPU and GPU rendering, and the Cinema 4D bridge makes allowances for C4D-specific technologies such as hair, Mograph, Turbulence FD, and of course the best rendering support for X-Particles. This makes it ideal for motion design.

Covering some of the dedicated workflows for rendering motion design content with Cycles 4D, is Technical Director Mario Tran Phuc, who walks through some stunning projects. Mario explores the core bridge to Cinema 4D, some of the materials workflows using Cinema 4D’s mograph toolset, and shows off some of the seamless integrations that you can expect working with Cycles 4D and X-Particles.

The stunning demo scene files that are created during the webinar by Mario are available for download, too.