How To Fix X-Particles Splines Issues When Rendering Cycles 4D

A great team-up for Cinema 4D users is X-Particles and Cycles4D. Both by Insydium, the two are meant to work really well together. Cycles 4D is touted as the ultimate render companion to the C4D particles plugin, because it offers unparalleled access to X-Particles.

how fix the black striping which occurs when rendering splines using X-particles and Cycles4D[/pullqoute]

You may have noticed some rendering and display issues with X-Particles when working with splines. There are times when you will get a black striped pattern occurring. The black stripes actually render that way.

Not to worry though, a simple setting in Cycles 4D can fix the issue. All you need to do is set a higher value for curve subdivisions in the Cycles4D settings. A higher number will get rid of those black stripes, and also smooth out the rendering of the splines. it does add a bit to the render times, though. C4D Artist Giovanni Grant walks though the issue and his solution in a quick tip he recently posted. If you find some rendering issues, this technique might be your ticket to a solution.