Cycles 4D Updates with New Material Converter, Denoiser

Cycles 4D levels up to its second free service update, Build 202 for Cycles 4D. The update brings some really nice additions to Cycles that Cinema 4D users will appreciate, such as a C4D to cycles material converter, and a new denoiser.

I know that there are a lot of options to choose from when shopping around for a renderer to add to your much loved Cinema 4D. V-Ray, Arnold, Octane, and even the Cycles renderer from Blender. You can basically divide the choices into two simple groups: Production and non production. If you need a production-tested renderer, then your choices are pretty clear, V-Ray, Arnold, or Cycles. If you are looking for a GPU based renderer, then you can further refine your choices.

Octane is extremely popular with Cinema 4D users, largely due too its price, ease of use and peak C4D user reach. If you are a professional and looking for professional and production driven features though, you should be looking at Cycles 4D. It is just as inexpensive, and has great integration with C4D and X-Particles.

The latest release includes Cycles’ new denoiser, which performs admirably, cutting down on the number of samples needed to clean up an image, and there by saving you tons of render time.

Insudium has included many fixes in the Cycles 4D core, in additions to rendering features and workflow improvements. This FREE update contains over 30 bug fixes and over 20 changes to increase performance and stability. “Rest assured, we will continue to make these improvements to our products and services.” The folks at Insidium mention.

Cycles 4D owners will receive this automatically, as long as you have enabled your Cycles 4D Online Updater. This build supports Cinema 4D R14 and R15, which means that Cycles 4D works with Cinema 4D R14 through to R18.

If you don’t own Cycles 4D, you can try it before you buy it, simply register for a 30 day demo.