RollIt Returns to Cinema 4D After 10 Year Absence

Some of you might remember that a long time ago, there was a plugin for cinema 4d that allows you to animate a roll of any type of object easily. RollIt stopped working with C4D updates and we haven’t seen any activity from it for about ten years. All that has changed.

The team at has updated the RollIt plugin for Cinema 4D version R16 and up. That’s right, now you can roll objects using a new and easy to use interface, with some nice options for how objects will roll in your scene.

RollIt 2017 has three designated features for Roll, Floor and Rotate. You can use them all together or individually, depending on what you are doing. Roll will rotate objects based on its positional change over time. Simply drag an object left to right and the script will automatically make the object roll without any sliding or skating.

Floor sets the designated selection roll adhering to a shape that acts like a floor, While the “Rotate” section can provide some additional rotation controls for how the object will move.

Roll-It is still provided freely, so get your copy of it here.