New C4D Script Easily Makes Color ID’s for UV’s

Mike Udin has been creating some nice tools to speed up some aspects of C4D’s workflow. A new effort has just been released, and it’s called UV Colorizer. As the name would suggest, the Cinema 4D script helps you to create color IDs for a model’s UV Islands, or shells.

There really isn’t too much involved into working with UV Colorizer,a simple click of the button will randomize colors against your UVs. Color ID maps can be helpful when you are creating materials for different parts of the model in Substance Painter.

This is Mike’s second tool that creates color ID passes. He also has creating TakeMattePass, a plugin for Cinema 4D that uses C4D’s take system to create color ID and matte passes by masking materials. A recent update added support for other third party renderers such as V-Ray and Octane.

Find out more information about UV Colorizer for C4D, here.