TakeMatPass Adds Support for Octane, V-Ray

TakeMatPass plugin for Cinema 4D cleverly uses the Cinema 4D Take system to create Color ID, white pass or matte passes by masking materials, objects and textures. In its initial release, the plugin only worked with the Cinema 4D standard renderer, only compatible with C4D Native materials. That has changed.

An update to the plugin adds support for C4D non-standard materials, as well as support for OTOY’s Octane renderer, The Chaos Group’s V-Ray, and other third party renderers. The update also adds the ability to work with materials, objects and texture tags.

TakeMatPass 1.5 Adds:

  • The ability to work with materials, objects and texture tags.
  • Ability to set the same color for the selected objects/materials/tags. To do this, hold SHIFT and press the Create button.
  • Support for non-standard materials Cinema 4D, as well as Octane and VrayC4d and other external renderers.
  • The Delete button removes all the information created by the plugin: takes, materials, render settings.

These new additions will make the TakMatPass C4D plugin a useful tool for many 3D artists and compositors alike. Visit aescripts + aeplugins for more information, where purchase the plugin for $15.

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  1. Nice plug-in!

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