Use DUIK Morpher as an Easy On-Screen Slider in Ae

In After Effects DUIK has become much more than a character driven toolset. It has included quite a few animation components as well. The free Ae toolset from Nicolas Dufresne can help with keying, creating and setting animation curves and more. It also comes with a Rotation Morph and the DUIK Morpher tool. Both of those tools are deemed interpolation tools that can be used for character animation; Rotation morph is essential for designing deformations.

The DUIK Morpher can easily be used for other animation tasks, not just character animation. Morpher can be really useful for adjusting the speed and interpolation of many properties at once. It can do this with one simple value graph. It even works for properties that have two and three dimensions. Knowing this, it can be a nice tool to use to make on-screen or HUD element sliders that can affect objects in the scene.

How is this done? Motion Graphics Artist Tigran Manukyan walks through the process. He shows how you can create a simple setup with a slider, that can offset layers of type on the screen.