After Effects Global Renamer 2 Makes Revisions Fun Again

Bulk rename anything in After Effects. Completely rewritten with lots more functionality and a super tiny UI!

Here is a bit of good news for those of us tired of the one-bone renaming game in After Effects. Ae Global Renamer 2 is here, marking the first major update to the tool in nearly 6 years. Global Renamer will let you bulk Rename anything in After Effects. A little research into the script’s capabilities, you will notice that the term anything isn’t being hyperbolic.

The script cannot only quickly rename layers and project panel items, but it can also do much more than that. You can rename effects, actual text in text layers, and anything in an expression attribute. Also available is the ability to rename property names and children (Masks, Puppet Pins, Shape Layer properties, etc), and render queue footage paths. It’s clear that Global Renamer has a lot of renaming capabilities, and it’s all very useful.

Global Renamer features:

  • Super tiny UI, dock it anywhere!
  • Save to presets
  • Unlimited Search/Replace pairs
  • Add Suffix and Prefix
  • Replace all at once or one item at a time
  • Incremental numbering with padding option
  • Option to only rename duplicates
  • Option to use Regular Expressions (Regex)

Find out more about the After Effects Global Renamer tool here.