Caleb Ward Shares Some Nice Techniques for Creating a Corona Effect in After Effects Using Only Built-In Tools

As if ripped from the headlines, Caleb Ward walks through a recreation of a lunar eclipse effect in After effects. The tutorial doesn’t use any 3rd party tools for Ae. The corona effect seems complicated, but the process for it is simple, relying on an adjustment to the Alpha levels for the all-important “light-bleed effect.

“Specifically this tutorial shows you how to use an alpha-crush technique to make shapes ‘sticky’” Ward mentions. “The tutorial will cover everything you need to know to create the eclipse from creating the sun to stylizing the sky.”

This is the latest in a series for Caleb Ward that shows how to recreate celestial scenes in After Effects. Previous tutorials showed creating planetary rings, a spiral galaxy and a nebula.

Be sure to download the Ae Project file by visiting VFX City.